Course curriculum

Empowering women & families to have their dream birth

  • 1

    Getting You Started: Your Health & Wellbeing

    • Where to start in your Pregnancy Journey

    • Getting Started

    • Pregnancy Journal

  • 2

    How To Overcome Fears & The People Who Carry Them

    • Overcoming The Fears

    • Video Course

  • 3

    Lets Talk About Golden Food

    • Highest & Nutrient Dense Food

    • Video

    • Special Smoothie Recopies

  • 4

    Essential Oils For Pregnancy

    • Lets Talk Oils

    • Essential Oils, Topical, and Diffusers,

We Walk & Empower Women In Pregnancy

Your not alone in this journey

With over 20 Video Courses, an Extensive Info Graphic Pregnancy Guide, Pregnancy Journal, tutorials and much much more we created this course to empower women to have the birth of their dreams.

What to Expect in Your Course

The Top 20 Things I Wish I Was Told Before My Births Examples Below

  • Overcoming Fears

    We are taught in life to prepare for many things but somehow holding these precious people is not frequently taught to us. In this module we will go to the table, deal with and overcome the fears that have been put upon us women through Hollywood, relatives, and other associations empowering you to have the pregnancy you dream of.

  • Facing Your Family

    Understanding practical tools to communicate with those who will be around you during your pregnancy journey, at the birth, and attending to your needs post partum is one of the most important aspects of what we share. This is your time mamma and we want to equip and empower you to design your pregnancy and communicate it clearly with those you love the most.

  • Intimacy during pregnancy

    We like to have a fun during the course as well. Lets get into ALL the conversations like, is it ok to have sex while pregnant. Lets deal with the urban legends, the fears, and know what your boundaries are providing you with not only a safe but enjoyable journey. This will be a journey of a life time, and in this journey we expect you will be blessed.